Selecting an Florida Attorney Specializing in Marital & Family Law


Why choose a board certified family law attorney?  Maybe you never needed the services of a family law attorney but now you do. Obviously, you need to find the right lawyer but you’re not sure where to start.  You need a family law attorney who understands you and one who can handle your situation.  You need a lawyer who has expertise in the specific area of law in which you need help.  Most importantly, you need a lawyer you can talk to, and one you can trust.


Choosing the right lawyer is a daunting task.  With so many to choose from, it is difficult for an ordinary person to choose the right lawyer.  That said, in 1984 the Florida Supreme Court established the “Certification” program.  The Florida Supreme Court established the certification program to help the public choose the right  lawyer  to represent them in their case.

Board Certified Florida family lawyers are the “elite” classification.  There are lawyers who claim to practice in the area of marital and family law, and there are Board Certified lawyers.  Some lawyers are more effective than others but it is impossible for the typical consumer of legal service to know who’s good and who to avoid.  Many lawyers claim they are competent to handle marital and family law matters, but “competence” alone is not enough!  Only a Board Certified lawyer is allowed to identify as an “expert” or  “specialist” in their field of practice.  A Board Certified Florida family law attorney makes a huge difference.


The Florida Bar’s highest level of recognition of the competence of a lawyer is Board Certification.  Board Certification tests the skills and experience of attorneys.  The Florida Bar in good standing who meet the Bar’s eligibility requirements are candidates for certification, but only if they apply.  That said, The Florida Bar grants the status of Board Certification to the most competent, experienced lawyers.  Board Certified lawyers are ones who demonstrate not only competence but also professionalism and integrity.  Certification matters because a Board Certified attorney is skilled and possess the values necessary to successfully handle any family law matter.


Board Certified Marital and Family lawyers are specialists who handle legal problems arising from intimate relationships.   These lawyers know the ins and outs of the law.  The right family law attorney puts the law to work for their clients.  An experienced Board Certified Family law attorney focuses on strategically evaluating, handling, and resolving controversies.

Certification in marital and family law requires candidates to practice for at least five years as a family law attorney.  Certification candidates must be substantially involved in the practice of marital and family law. Candidates for certification must participate in at least 25 contested marital and family law cases during the five years immediately preceding their certification application.  The cases must involve substantial legal or factual issues other than the dissolution of marriage, and at least 10 of the 25 must be tried before a circuit judge.

Accordingly, a candidate for certification must demonstrate substantial involvement in marital and family law. Substantial involvement includes active participation in all phases of a family law proceeding.  Substantial involvement also includes active participation in the appeal of a marital and family law case.


Remember, The Florida Bar peer reviews certification candidates confidentially.  Certification requires 50 hours of continuing legal education within three years immediately preceding the certification application.  Lastly, certification candidates must pass a rigorous, written examination.  Board certification is valid for five years.  Certified lawyers must apply for recertification after five years.  Board certified lawyers go the extra mile and .  The Florida Supreme Court approved the Marital and Family Law Certification program in 1984.