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Neptune Beach FL family law attorney Facing legal issues that involve complex family matters can be both stressful and emotionally draining. If you are dealing with divorce, child custody issues, alimony, etc., a Neptune Beach FL family law attorney can help ease some of the burden off your shoulders.

In addition to divorce, family lawyers can help you establish prenuptial agreements, separate yourself from abusive situations, amicably dissolve marriages that are no longer working, arrange visitation schedules, spousal support and more.

If you’re contemplating divorce or have a family law issue, let an experienced attorney help you protect your interests during the process. Contact the Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. today to learn more.


Every state in the U.S. now allows no-fault divorces. New York was the last to force those who wanted a divorce to file based on at-fault grounds. Now, the trend has gone in the other direction, and while some states still allow couples to file fault-based marriages on fault grounds, Florida is not one of them. Therefore, every divorce in Florida is a no-fault divorce.

This does not, however, mean that how a spouse behaved in the marriage doesn’t matter. The courts will take this into account when determining the division of assets and custody. For instance, if one spouse cheated on the other spouse, this may not impact custody issues much but the court will favor the spouse who was cheated on when dividing marital property.

If one spouse was abusive to the other, drank heavily, was a drug abuser, or neglected or abused the children, this would figure heavily into the court’s decisions concerning custody matters.

If these issues are a concern for you, a Neptune Beach FL family law attorney can help answer your questions.


A marriage can be annulled under very specific circumstances. Instead of claiming that the marriage should no longer exist, one party claims that the marriage never existed at all. In other words, the marriage was a sham. There are some benefits to pursuing an annulment over a divorce, particularly if the marriage is short-lived. Our Neptune Beach FL family law attorneys can help you decide if annulment makes sense for your situation.

Legal Separation 

Florida does not recognize legal separations per se. But you can make arrangements with your spouse to manage custody issues or a visitation schedule while the two of you are living apart. Your Neptune Beach FL family law attorney can help you reach these agreements, which are considered legally binding. In other words, they have the weight of the court behind them.

Child Custody

Neptune Beach FL family law attorney When both parents work together to come to an arrangement that is in the best interests of the children, this process goes much more smoothly. In some cases, however, each parent has a very different idea on what constitutes the best interests of the children. When that happens, the courts are forced to render a decision on the parent’s behalf. That decision will fully consider the best interests of the children from the court’s perspective which may not be what either parent had in mind.

In situations where one spouse feels the other is unfit to have access to the children, the court will need to weigh in on the issue and it will take time to sort everything out. Your Neptune Beach FL family law attorney can help discuss your options.


Sometimes Florida mothers need to force a father to own up to the fact that a child is theirs. In other cases, it’s the father who wants to establish his paternity so that he has access to his child. In either case, a Neptune Beach FL family law attorney can help you establish the paternity of a child.

Father’s Rights

It sometimes feels like mothers end up with custody and making all the decisions for their children to the exclusion of the children’s father. In Florida, the court assumes that it’s in the best interests of the children that the children have the support of both of their parents. If you feel as though the courts have unfairly kept you from being a part of your children’s lives, we can help.

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