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One of the most pressing concerns of a spouse facing divorce is that of Alimony. The spouse who is in need of financial support because of a separation or divorce worries about alimony being sufficient, while the more financially well-off spouse may worry about the effect it will have on their finances. Either concern has the potential to greatly affect an individual’s life and can cause immense stress. The Law Offices of A. Sam Jubran are well versed in navigating the matter of alimony and look forward to assisting couples in a smooth and fair alimony determination. When you have concerns about whether the alimony amount is sufficient or not, contact our Jacksonville Alimony Lawyer.

Types of Alimony

There are a few types of alimony that can be awarded:

  • Temporary: This type of alimony is usually awarded quickly and is meant to serve as an immediate solution for a needy spouse. It is replaced eventually by another type of alimony or once the divorce decree is rendered.
  • Bridge the Gap: As a way to assist a spouse in transitioning from part of a marriage to being a single individual, this type of alimony is meant to help with that change.
  • Rehabilitative: Similar to the previous form, this type of alimony is to help one spouse establish a career or new position in life that will lend them the ability to financially care for themselves.
  • Durational: Usually applicable in the case of a shorter marriage, this type of alimony is assigned for a specific length of time. The length of time is determined based on how long the couple was married, and is a set amount.
    Permanent: This is awarded to a spouse that was married for a moderate to long period of time, and is unable to provide for themselves in the manner they’ve grown accustomed. This amount can be adjusted depending on future choices of the awarded spouse, such as remarriage.

It’s imperative that you defer to the skilled attorneys at A. Sam Jubran’s office, to determine which type of alimony best fits your situation. Don’t leave the matter of your financial stability to a less competent source. Request a free consultation with the Jacksonville Alimony Lawyer at our firm to find out more.

How Much Alimony Do I Qualify For?

There are several other factors at play when alimony is being figured out, including: the action of a spouse that led to the breakdown of the marriage, the duration of the marriage, the age of each spouse and its effect on their ability to earn income, the contributions of each spouse in the union (financial or otherwise), and the future needs of each spouse. Given the varied components that are included when calculating alimony, it is of the utmost importance to have a professional advocating for your financial stability. We’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to presenting your case in the most thorough and favorable light. The Jacksonville alimony lawyer most adept at protecting and fighting for your financial legacy is A. Sam Jubran.

There have been many changes to spousal support laws over the last several years in Florida. The statutes were recently amended to allow a former spouse to seek reductions or eliminations in alimony obligations, because the other spouse entered into a financially supportive relationship. The spouse with the new financial support doesn’t have to necessarily be cohabiting with another person to be considered as receiving financial assistance from another person. These new standards must be well understood by your attorney, so your alimony decision is fair and comprehensive. That Jacksonville Divorce Attorney, A. Sam Jubran understands each and every change made to the current alimony statutes and can make sure to protect your rights within those parameters.

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Divorce is traumatic enough, without having to worry about your financial stability and capacity to provide for your basic needs. The Law Offices of A. Sam Jubran understand this dilemma and will work tirelessly to preserve your financial way of life. When facing the issue of alimony, look to the experienced and expert Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer at A. Sam Jubran’s office.