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When someone is hurt in an accident, it’s not only their health that is affected. The very stability of their lives is distressed and every aspect is upset by their injuries. A person’s ability to provide for themselves or their family members is jeopardized, as one may miss a significant amount of work. Doctor’s appointments and general care of their injuries, takes time away from their job and their financial duties. At this same time, bills are piling up- there’s a new medical bill in the mail everyday. The affected individual now has the mounting stress of how to meet these growing responsibilities. This almost always leads to poor mental health, as the worry and fear of the unknown often grows to debilitating levels. Not to mention, constantly being in pain leads to generalized anxiety and depression, as a person becomes emotionally tired of never feeling well. Their relationships begin to suffer, and may lead to separation or divorce. In short, a person’s life may never be the same again when they’re affected by the negligence of another individual. That’s when a Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney can help.

There is Hope

It’s at this time, more than ever in your life, that you need a compassionate, guiding hand to lead you through the process. Your Jacksonville personal injury attorney Sam Jubran will make sure that you’re receiving the best medical care possible so that you can promptly heal and move on with your life. We will retrieve your medical bills and call each provider, requesting that they wait until after you are well to seek payment. We will collect and compute the time you’ve missed from work, the vacation days you’ve lost, and the limitations that have been put on your career because of your injuries. Our assistance at this time can ease a tremendous amount of worry and burden that you’ve been carrying. This will give you the added strength and stamina you’ll need to heal and attend to your relationships. These relationships can then lend you the support that is necessary during this trial.

Your Assertive Advocate for Personal Injury

But on the other end of the matter, the attorneys at Sam Jubran’s office display a firm hand when dealing with the insurance companies involved. Looking to the company that represents the at-fault person, we’ll make sure that they cover the costs of your medical bills and wage loss. And that they also recognize the immense life changes you’ve endured. We’ll demand a generous pain and suffering award that can help to alleviate some of these functional and emotional burdens that you’ve carried, due to your accident. We’ll also hold your own insurance company accountable to deliver on the coverage you’ve diligently paid for to cover a situation just as this one.

Tactical Advantages of Retaining an Attorney

We have years of experience working with insurance companies and understand the myriad of tactics they will use to avoid, diminish, and delay your claim. Often, an insurance company feels no pressure or obligation to be fair and generous when a person is representing themselves. The threat of accomplished and knowledgeable attorneys taking them to court, motivates insurance companies to attempt a fair conclusion before it gets to this point. The attorneys at The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. are well-known in the insurance industry for being tough and unrelenting in representing our clients.

But if the insurance companies refuse to work in a reasonable and prompt manner in settling your claim outside of court, we will look to the Florida court system to resolve the matter. Through the litigation process, we’ll gather all of the pertinent information regarding your claim. Then, whether it’s arbitration, mediation, or trial, we’ll seek fair and generous results for your claim. We’ve had a presence in the Florida court system for decades and are adept at meeting it’s stringent requirements. We’re familiar with the judges and staff within its vast network and understand their standards and preferences. It’s very unwise to attempt to navigate this system without the expertise of a qualified attorney. Rest assured that our team here at The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. will be the unequivocal advocates you need in the handling of your case.

Low Risk

Probably the most reassuring aspect of our work is that we collect nothing until your case is settled. In the unlikely even that we obtain nothing for your case, we will collect nothing. Our fee is based on the amount we achieve for you. Your initial consultation with our office is absolutely free of charge and we will render the advice and answers that you seek. Your risk is so minimal in obtaining an attorney and the advantages so clear,  that it really behooves you to contact a Jacksonville personal injury attorney at Sam Jubran’s Office right away.

Types of Personal Injury Accidents We Handle

There are so many ways that a person can be injured due to another’s negligence. But the victims in such negligence all have many things in common: pain from injuries, affected careers, general worry, a deteriorated emotional state, and major life changes. We address these unique situations with the same compassion, focus, and priority that we show each and every one of our clients. We are experienced in a wide expanse of personal injury matters including:

Auto Accidents 

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there are approximately 375,000 motor vehicle accidents a year in Florida. This breaks down to over 1,000 crashes a day, meaning your odds of being involved in one are very strong. You can be the most attentive of drivers and have your whole world turned upside down, due to the inattention and negligence of another driver. We’ve represented just these clients for decades and understand the true-life changes that can occur due to an accident. These victims are hurt, usually with life altering injuries, and are still expected to work and provide for their families. We work to alleviate the numerous and varied stresses that accompany an auto accident, so that our clients can focus on getting well.

We understand that the insurance companies are not as interested in their customer’s welfare, as they are in their bottom line. We are aggressive and experienced in standing up to insurance companies to make sure our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Dog Bites

The traumatic experience that a dog bite can be is unfortunately, not too uncommon in the United States. It’s been estimated that there’s approximately five million dog bites a year, with almost a quarter of these resulting in injuries serious enough to warrant medical attention or hospitalization. What makes this statistic worse is that half of these incidents affect children.

Dog bite victims are entitled to compensation for injuries and medical bills, lost wages, scarring or disfigurement, and emotional pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, the significant physical injuries that occur in a dog bite pale in comparison to the emotional damage. Being involved in a dog bite, especially if you’re a child, can cause a life-long fear and anxiety of dogs and oftentimes, all animals. At The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran. P.A., we understand the toll that this anxiety can take on our clients and the compensation that it justly deserves. We fiercely represent several dog bite victims every year and understand the expertise and experience that is required.

Slip and Fall

When a property owner fails to care for a commercial or residential property and someone is injured as a result, this injury is categorized as a Slip Fall Premises Liability case. If a property owner fails to warn people of a known, dangerous condition on their property, they also bear the responsibility for any injury sustained on it. Some examples of such a scenario are uneven or slippery surfaces, unsafe electrical wiring, an unsafe work environment, or an unmarked ramp. Determining what an unsafe condition actually is, can be diverse and complicated. You’ll need the help of an attorney to determine such a condition and then lead you through the legal process to recover it. The attorneys at The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. have recovered substantial results for many slip and fall claimants.

Motorcycle Accidents

According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, Florida is one of the top five states in the nation with the most motorcycle accidents per year. And this rate continues to grow every year. A motorcycle accident can be especially horrifying as there is very little by way of buffering when a motorcyclist is involved with another vehicle in a collision. The victim of this type of accident will often spend more time in the hospital or the doctor’s office, miss more work and accrue more medical bills than the victim of an average vehicle accident.  You and your family’s priority will of course be the health and well-being of the injured person.

We understand this and you can trust us to handle all the other concerns of such an ordeal, so that health and healing can be your main focus.

Pedestrian Accidents

In the United States in 2012, there were three states that claimed 1/3 of the nation’s deaths. Florida was one of these (along with Texas and California) and holds this unfortunate title, due to pedestrian vs. vehicle incidences.  The good weather in Florida, along with a growing immigrant and senior population, has led to more and more people deciding to walk rather than drive. This, coupled with the increasing hurry that everyone seems to be in, makes these accidents all the more commonplace. Because of this, the attorneys at A. Sam Jubran have substantial experience in how to help these victims and return them to their normal lives.

On average, a pedestrian who is hit by a vehicle is burdened with medical bills in excess of $100,000.00. It’s absolutely necessary to rely on an attorney to work with these providers so they stop collecting on these bills until the injured person is well.  Advocating for this victim, when dealing with insurance companies, is of paramount importance. Our personal injury attorneys here at The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. can be that trusted advocate and we look forward to easing the burdens you are most assuredly already suffering.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A myriad of studies have been done in recent years on traumatic brain injury and the life changes that it can cause. Along with personality changes, memory loss, crippling depression and pain, injury to a person’s brain is life altering. An auto accident, pedestrian accident, or sports incident are all examples of a circumstance where one can sustain a brain injury. In such an injury, the brain is bruised and loses critical blood flow.

Symptoms of a traumatic brain injury may include:

  • Headache
  • Severe vision problems
  • Nausea
  • Change in personality
  • Depression
  • Confusion, loss of memory, or other cognitive problems
  • Irritability
  • Other emotional and behavioral problems

In this susceptible state, you’ll need an attorney you can trust to make level-headed and strategic decisions on your behalf. Our experience and proven history of advantageous results for our clients, makes The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. the clear answer in addressing your traumatic brain injury.

Tractor-Trailer Accidents

As commerce expands across the nation and truck drivers are expected to deliver larger loads in shorter amounts of time, the incidence of tractor-trailer accidents has increased. In a study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, it was revealed that drivers of vehicles who were hit by tractor-trailers had a much higher risk of dying due to their injuries. The sheer size and weight of semi trucks in comparison to an average automobile is a staggering comparison to consider.  In fact, 97% of roadway deaths involved a tractor-trailer. Because almost all truck drivers are employed at the time of the collision, the claims process becomes much more difficult with many more involved parties. The attorneys and staff at The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. understand the multiple jurisdictions that can be involved in such a matter.

We have experience in utilizing the expertise of bio-mechanical experts and engineers in determining the force involved in such collisions. This information is necessary when arguing injuries and liability with an insurance or other liable company. Our office is the answer for your complicated tractor-trailer accident. 

Texting and Driving

Who hasn’t heard about the dangers and increased cases of driving while using a cell phone? Many states have outright outlawed it, however Florida has yet to do so. In 2013, a law was passed that made it a criminal offense to text and drive but a person can’t be pulled over and charged unless another offense is committed because of the practice. This leniency leads to a careless disregard for the dangers of using one’s cell phone while trying to drive. Accidents in Florida have increased because of this inattention, causing injury and life changes to the victims involved.

Our office undertakes an intense investigation when this type of negligence is demonstrated by a defendant. We will make sure to not only seek that your medical costs and wage loss are compensated, but also that a substantial pain and suffering award is acquired.

Products Liability

The United States is one of the front-runners in the world when it comes to consumer protection laws. Yes, manufacturers of American products have stringent safety and quality standards to meet. When you or a loved one has been injured because of product defects, you have the right to be compensated for the manufacturer’s negligence. Of course these standards and laws are varied and intricate, and you need an attorney you can trust to understand their complexity.

Our law professionals at The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. have represented claimants against tire and automobile manufacturers, as well as many other product makers and leaders. Trust us to use this experience and our relationship with the industry’s top experts to fight for the compensation you warrant. 

Pool Drownings

Drowning is one of the country’s main causes of death every year. Almost all cases involve young children and are catastrophically devastating. Because of this, Florida requires that homeowners fence in their pools and other large bodies of water. Each county and city has a different code of ordinances and laws governing the safety of its residents from drowning. Our firm has represented clients from all over the Florida landscape and have a vast understanding of these standards.

Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney Fighting for Justice for You

During this extremely vulnerable and trying time, trust our team to take care of the semantics of this ordeal, so that you and your family can care for one another and get through this. We’ll fight for the maximum results for your loved ones and make sure that justice is served. Call our office for a free consultation today.