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Baymeadows FL Family Law Attorney Family legal issues can be complex, so you need a Baymeadows FL family law attorney to help you with anything that may arise. Courts often have specific forms that must be completed and deadlines that must be met. Every judge and magistrate has rules that govern their courtrooms. You should work with a lawyer who is familiar with local courts and can guide you through the family law process. Call The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. for more information about how we can help you.

Types of Family Law Issues We Handle

Your Baymeadows FL family law attorney should focus on domestic issues so they are familiar with the family court system in your area. At The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A., we have extensive experience with an array of legal issues facing families, including the following:


It can be devastating to end a marriage. However, divorce can also give you freedom. Every divorce is different. You may or may not be in agreement with your ex about issues that need to be resolved. It’s best to work with a Baymeadows FL family law attorney who can represent your best interests and help you obtain a beneficial outcome.


Instead of getting a divorce, you may wish to annul your marriage as if it never existed. This can benefit you in that you can avoid separation of marital property and retain retirement accounts and other assets. However, it can be extremely difficult to obtain an annulment. Consult with a Baymeadows FL family law attorney to understand your legal options.

Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolving a marriage can be extremely complex. You must consider your income, debts, assets, property, and more. You deserve to have a fair separation of  marital assets and protection of your property. A Baymeadows FL family law attorney can help you through the process of dissolving your marriage.

Premarital and Postmarital Agreements

Premarital and postmarital agreements are an important part of protecting yourself throughout a marriage. Prenups allow you to carefully plan out how property, debt, and more will be handled during a marriage and in the event that something happens to cause your marriage to end. If you didn’t obtain a prenup, a postnup can be signed during the marriage to consider businesses, accounts, and other assets that you may want to protect.

Child Custody

One of the most contentious issues you may have to deal with will be establishing custody of your child if you separate from your child’s other parent. It can be difficult to balance what you want and the needs of your child. A Baymeadows FL family law attorney can help you determine what is in the best interest of your child.

You may need temporary custody orders to immediately take control of a situation. It’s important to act quickly and work with a lawyer who is familiar with the court system in these situations. Afterwards, you will likely want to seek permanent custody orders that will benefit everyone involved. A Baymeadows FL family law attorney can guide you through the process and help you understand your options.

Child Support

Baymeadows FL Family Law Attorney Both parents are legally required to support their children; however, they may do this in different ways. A custodial parent may provide support through housing, clothing, food, and other needs. Noncustodial parents often pay a monetary amount to the custodial parent to help provide those necessities.

Although child support guidelines can provide you with a basis for child support, there are situations that require deviation of more or less support. If you have questions about establishing child support or modification of an existing order, a Baymeadows FL family law attorney can help you.

Paternity Issues

It’s important to establish paternity in child custody and support cases. Paternity helps determine the responsibilities and rights of the father. Paternity may be established through a court order, or it may be done privately before or during a legal issue. A Baymeadows FL family law attorney can guide you through the process of establishing paternity.

Father’s Rights

Although society tends to assume that mothers have more rights to their children, in the eyes of the law, mothers and fathers are equal. Both have legal rights and responsibilities to their children. Call a Baymeadows FL family law attorney for more about your parental rights.

Modification of Judgments

Orders made by the court often need to be modified due to changes in circumstances. If you need a divorce, child support order, child custody determination, or other judgment modified, contact a Baymeadows FL family law attorney.

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Family law issues can be extremely overwhelming, but you don’t have to deal with the situation alone. Work with a Baymeadows FL family law attorney to increase your chances of obtaining a positive outcome. Call The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. for assistance with your legal issues.