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It is uncertain when or how but odds are you will likely be confronted with transactions between yourself and an insurance company.  Common examples are those who become involved in an automobile accident or file any other type of insurance claim.  You may even need to file a property damage claim arising from unforeseeable acts of nature such as hail or wind damage to your home.  Insurance companies have two goals, (1) collecting premiums, and (2) minimizing their payout on insurance claims. It is highly recommended that you speak with a Jacksonville insurance claims lawyer who practices in the area of insurance claims if you find yourself dealing with any insurance company or adjuster.

You need an experienced Jacksonville insurance claims lawyer on your side to fight against their low-ball offers and improper denials.  Sometimes the insurance company will even engage in conduct legally known as “bad faith” which can usually trigger one’s entitlement to additional damages.

At-Fault Insurance Claims

In many instances you may not be dealing with your own insurance company, but the at-fault party’s insurance company instead. You have rights and obligations regardless of whether you are making the claim or maintaining your insurance coverage.  You also have rights and obligations with respect to the information you may be required to share with an insurance company.  Often times, consumers find themselves giving up valuable information that they should not have given up.  The insurance company’s representatives are skilled in obtaining information in a way that you would not know they are “fishing” for information to turn around and use against you to defend your claim.

Retain a Jacksonville Attorney First

You should always retain a Jacksonville insurance claims lawyer when dealing with any insurance company and even before you give any information to an insurance company.  If an insurance company denies your claim, you should consult with an experienced insurance claims attorney.  Often times, a lawyer will help to ensure your rights as a consumer are protected.  Insurance companies retain their own consulting firms for “valuations” or damage reports.  These firms portray themselves to the public as independent consultants without a conflict of interest, but typically the consulting firms get the majority of their business from the same insurance company. Sometimes insurance companies will even employ a third party adjusting firm to conduct their adjustments.  Many times these adjusting firms can be difficult to deal with and even more difficult to obtain favorable results from.

Contact a Jacksonville Insurance Claims Lawyer Today for Your Free Consultation

Low payouts and claim denials help save insurance companies millions of dollars. The only way to protect your rights as a consumer is to retain an experienced insurance claims attorney to represent you with your claim. The fact that the insurance company is willing to accept liability means that they must be fair in evaluating the value of your claim.  Most of the time, the insurance company will not pay the full value of your claim unless you have an experienced insurance claims attorney.  If you need help with filing an insurance claim, call Sam Jubran today at (904) 360-6100.  Don’t take anything for granted, get the help you need today!