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Southside FL family law attorney If you are facing a legal family matter, you may have a complicated process ahead of you. You will likely need to make several important decisions that will impact both yourself and your children. For example, if you are pursuing a divorce, your finances will need to be disentangled from your spouse’s and visitation and custody arrangements will need to be made.

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Divorce is confusing and upsetting enough. But add to that issues involving child custody, asset division, and post-divorce arrangements, and it can all be overwhelming. Such issues may end up being hotly contested by both parties. Needless to say, the more common ground the two spouses find, the shorter the divorce will take and the faster the transition toward post-divorce life can begin. This is better for the children and generally ends up being cheaper as well.

On the other hand, many divorces that start off amicable end up breaking down when these issues are negotiated. When that happens you must be able to convince the court that the arrangement that you seek is fair and in everyone’s best interests.

No-Fault vs. Fault-Based Divorces in Florida

Florida is one of a handful of states that do not permit fault-based grounds for divorce. Instead, a spouse simply says that marriage is unsupportable and must be terminated. It’s irrelevant if one party cheated or the other party was abusive. That matters, but not for the type of divorce you file. In addition, Florida permits marriages to be “annulled” as opposed to dissolved. This is a separate matter entirely. A Southside FL family law attorney can help clarify how you should proceed with your divorce.

No-Fault Does Not Absolve Spouses of Culpability

While Florida is technically a no-fault state, allegations of abuse, infidelity, drug abuse, or other problems in a marriage can figure prominently when it comes to determine custody or divide property. Bad spouses do not get a free pass under Florida’s system. Divorces in which such allegations arise require a skilled Southside FL family law attorney to either prove those allegations in court or mitigate the damage done by those allegations.


In Florida, the term annulment as regards marriage is a claim that the marriage never existed at all. Your former spouse is very likely to contest an annulment. For that reason, pursuing an annulment can be costly. It is not, however, without its benefits when the legal requirements of an annulment can be met. A Southside FL family law attorney can help you prove your case to the court.

Legal Separation

Florida does not specifically recognize legal separations under the law. There is, however, the capacity to reach formal, binding agreements that impact a married couple during a period of separation. A Southside FL family law attorney can help you with this process.

Child Custody

Southside FL family law attorney It is true that even temporary child custody arrangements can take a long time to hammer out. It’s also true that permanent custody arrangements can take an even longer time. They do, however, take significantly less time when both parties can reach an agreement together as opposed to dragging the issue before the courts in an extended and heated legal battle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way and there may be many good reasons for that. If you’re hoping to retain access to your children or prevent an unfit parent from accessing your children, contact a Southside FL family law attorney.

Child Support

Generally speaking, the parent who has residential custody of the child can ask for child support. Sometimes, however, one spouse is resistant to paying the other spouse money or the child support arrangement is unfair or puts one spouse in a position of hardship. The Southside FL family law attorneys at The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran can help you advocate for your interests.


A mother who is unmarried may need to force a father to give her child support if he is unwilling. On the same token, a father may be denied access to his child on the basis that he is not the father. In either case, a paternity test can establish paternity and the legal rights of the father to access his child or of the mother to collect child support.

Father’s Rights

In custody decisions, courts often favor mothers. Even well-trained judges may have subconscious biases towards mothers over fathers, which could affect your rights. We can help make sure that the court respects your parental rights, especially when it comes to custody and parenting time issues.

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