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Jacksonville Traffic Ticket Lawyer If you have received a civil traffic ticket in northeast Florida then you should contact a Jacksonville Traffic Ticket Lawyer.

Civil vs Criminal Traffic Offenses

Examples of common civil traffic offenses are unlawful speed, careless driving, failure to maintain a single lane, and failure to obey a traffic control device. These offenses are civil and do not carry any criminal penalty unless ignored.

Examples of criminal traffic offense(s) are DUI and reckless driving. A conviction for criminal traffic offense may result in, among other things, the revocation of your driving privilege for a period of time.

How We Can Help You

A Jacksonville Traffic Ticket Attorney can save you time and help you prevent loss of points against your driver’s license. Preventing points loss is important because it ensures you will not lose your driver’s license for excessive points lost within a twelve-month period. It also helps to prevent your automobile insurance premium from increasing. In most cases, one of our Jacksonville Traffic Ticket Attorneys can save you from having points assessed against your driver’s license. An example where points may still be assessed is a citation for unlawful speed issued in a construction or school zone. Traffic tickets issued within a school or construction zone generally carry stiffer penalties.

In most instances, a Jacksonville Traffic Ticket Lawyer can successfully dispose of your traffic ticket during the arraignment. The arraignment is the very first and sometimes only court appearance. Your appearance at the arraignment is not required if you hire a Jacksonville traffic ticket attorney. Your attorney will attend court for you on your behalf. If the ticket is not disposed of through plea bargaining or a plea of not guilty is tendered at the arraignment, then the traffic hearing officer will schedule your traffic ticket for a formal trial.

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