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Florida Law states that domestic violence should be treated as a criminal action rather than a private matter. Once law enforcement is called to intervene in a domestic incident, the state is intent on prosecution. If the person who claims they were victimized doesn’t want to press charges, it’s an unimportant factor. The state goes ahead with prosecution in almost every case. This is an attempt to protect victims of domestic violence in the state of Florida. The charges in Florida are especially harsh because the State Attorney’s Office adheres to certain laws that require unique handling. The advocacy of an attorney is vital because of this high standard that the state consistently meets. Our Jacksonville domestic violence attorney can easily navigate this intense and harsh ordeal and stands ready to lead you through it. We handle all manner of criminal defense charges in Jacksonville and throughout Florida.

An Uphill Battle from the Start

In most other criminal cases, a person is able to post bond and leave jail shortly after the arrest. But in a domestic case, you must appear before a judge so that release is officially ordered. Once you are released, contact with the victim is often prohibited, even if you own the residence. The attorneys at Sam Jubran’s Office have extensive experience helping individuals through the trying process.

If the victim still refuses to press charges or cooperate with law enforcement, the State Attorney can proceed, even without sufficient evidence. From the very start, the state is almost always intent on prosecuting the defendant. You can rely on a Jacksonville domestic violence attorney from the Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. to stand up for your rights and see that you receive a fair legal process.

A Stain on Your Record

Should you plea guilty or no contest to a domestic charge, the infraction can never be sealed or expunged. The conviction stays on your record indefinitely and will no doubt affect your life and well-being. When applying for a job, a loan, a scholarship, or anything else that requires a background check, a domestic violence mark will always be there, staining your record. These charges will be used to your detriment in divorce and custody matters. Your rights to own or use a weapon are jeopardized. For these reasons, you must hire an attorney from Sam Jubran’s office from the onset so we can help you to avoid such outcomes.

Continued Harsh Consequences

If a plea is entered in your domestic charge, Florida law enforcement requires that months of counseling be completed. Other terms of your sentence may be a no contact order between yourself and the victim, addiction and psychological treatment, and restitution. Increased jail or prison time and a felony designation can also be consequences of domestic charges. Our office has helped individuals who are facing such penalties and worked diligently for leniency and oftentimes acquittal.

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If there was ever a matter where you absolutely needed the guidance and aid of an attorney, a domestic charge is that circumstance. Do not delay, call The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. to help you through this precarious time. If you delay, you could negatively impact the rest of your life.