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Posted on February 27th, 2017

As Jacksonville Family Law Attorney, I take pride in helping individuals go from difficult to happier times, and I urge anyone confronted with family matters of any type to consult with experienced counsel immediately.

The laws that dictate how the courts decide family law issues are complicated, fact-intensive, and are obscure enough to allow the court a wide range of discretion to do whatever the judge sees fit after a limited opportunity to hear only admissible evidence and testimony.

The Handling of Your Case is Tailored to Your Needs with a Focus on the Best Outcome for Your Family

Every case is different and each client is different.  Lawyers should be understanding of their clients’ needs and should accommodate and advocate for those needs to the fullest extent of the law. A lawyer should listen to and should understand the client’s concerns and goals, and should offer advise based on experience in handling similar issues.  A lawyer should not counsel a client to commit a crime or to violate the law, instead a lawyer should educate clients as to the requirements of the law thereby enabling clients to plan to avoid or limit exposure to issues and make sound decisions.

A lawyer should explore alternatives to formal litigation. Many cases can be resolved with little to no court involvement, and others are not capable of resolution until someone files a petition. Mediation or other forms of alternate dispute resolution can be particularly productive, and can save time and money.  Mediation is more often successful than not, but negotiation without the leadership and advise of counsel is not recommended. Some cases can be resolved without the need for formal mediation.  It is recommended that both parties be represented by an independent lawyer of their choosing, however both parties are not required to have an attorney.  Where there are no issues other than the dissolution of the marriage, or when the parties have a written, signed agreement as to the terms of their rights and obligations, then representation of an attorney may not be needed but is still recommended.

Jacksonville Family Law Attorney Well-Respected in the Community With a Good Rapport With Industry Peers

A lawyer should be professional when dealing with their client, the Court and other counsel. The client should clearly communicate their objectives to the lawyer, and the lawyer should clearly communicate the parameters of representation to the client and should also enter into a formal written retainer agreement with the client. Lawyers should work together as much as possible to eliminate issues by resolving them without the necessity for formal litigation, and should involve the court only as a last resort.  Lawyers should be true to their word and should promptly return telephone calls to their clients and to opposing counsel. Lawyers should be diligent in furnishing the court with documents and memorandum of law in a timely fashion.

Even though many family law cases settle without the need for formal Trial, the chances of early settlement are enhanced when the client hires an experienced family law lawyer to represent their interest. The value of an experienced attorney is appreciated as an investment in the future, whereas the disappointment of counsel can cause, among other things, financial devastation. Family law clients should hire only the most experienced, trained, and skilled family law lawyer they can afford. A skilled family law lawyer is one who is substantially involved in the practice of family law, and has experience litigating 50 or more family law cases in the past five years. A skilled family law lawyer is a lawyer who is Board Certified in Marital and Family Law by The Florida Bar.

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