Timesharing and Holidays

Posted on November 23rd, 2023

Thanksgiving and the winter holidays are more than just festivities. Thanksgiving and Christmas gives us a special timesharing opportunity with our children and families.  This special timesharing opportunity is invaluable to our children  who remember each special detail of each passing year.   Make this a special time to ponder upon lessons learned and how we can spread happiness to our children, families and friends.  This holiday is a time to look back at all the great memories and good people who came into our lives this year.

At The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A., we are thankful for the opportunity to help your family thrive.  We wish you and your families a safe and joyful Thanksgiving!

Timesharing is a right that all parents should enjoy!  Children deserve to have a close and continuing relationship with their parents throughout the year.  Make this holiday season memorable for you and your children!