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If your Social Security disability claim has been denied, the road doesn’t end here. Although you may be overwhelmed because the appeals process seems daunting and maybe this is your main source of income, don’t be. Our Jacksonville Social Security Disability Attorney represents several people like you every day. Just because your application for disability has been denied, it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t qualify for other benefits. We extensively understand the application and appeals processes, and have the resources and experience required to recover the benefits you deserve.

The Application Process in Florida

The application process is complicated and should be overseen by an experienced attorney. The attorneys at The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. have gathered the needed information many times for their clients and can explain the process clearly. As soon as someone becomes disabled, they should apply for SSD (Social Security Disability) benefits. But before starting the process, retaining an attorney is of the utmost importance. Once our office has gathered and forwarded the required paperwork, the application is then assigned to a caseworker. He then forwards it to the DDS (Disability Determination Services). They make an initial decision as to whether you are considered disabled under their requirements. The caseworker also decides which disability programs you may be eligible for, as well as the amount of benefits you could receive, based on work history.

Our office can drastically improve your chances of approval and decrease the chance of a denial caused by simple technical errors during the application process.

Your Application was Denied and you need to Appeal

If your application has been denied, you have 60 days to make a written appeal. Again, time is of the essence and if you haven’t looked to an attorney by now, you should immediately. The legal professionals at The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. stand ready to help. During the appeals process your application will go through four phases:

  • Reconsideration: After initial denial, our office will file a request for reconsideration. Another caseworker will review your application as well as any new evidence that’s submitted. We can answer any questions that the caseworker may have during this time.
  • Hearing: If your claim was again denied, we will request a hearing by an administrative law judge. We will prepare you for the questions that could be asked at your hearing, as well as request that witnesses be subpoenaed. We will argue your case before the judge, question the experts and witnesses involved, and present any new evidence.
  • Appeals Council: In the unlikely even that your claim is again denied, we will forward the application to the Social Security Appeals Council. We may have to repeat the steps of the first hearing.
  • Federal Court: The last step to the process, if your application is still denied, is to file a lawsuit in federal district court. Of course the direction of an attorney is essential to succeeding at this stage. The legal professionals at The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. have presented numerous cases in federal court, and are confident in arguing your’s.

Types of Disability Benefits

There are a few types of benefits one can apply for and we can help you understand the types for which you’re eligible:

  • Disability Insurance Benefits (SSD or SSDI): For the millions of people who’ve recently worked but become disabled, this is the type of benefit that applies. On must have worked at least 5-10 years before their disability developed. Dependents of the disabled beneficiary are also eligible, including a spouse and children. The amount that’s received is based on the disabled person’s earnings and work history.
  • Disabled Adult Child Benefits (DAC): If a disabled child’s parents are deceased or received Social Security retirement benefits, they are eligible for these benefits. They must be between the ages of 18 and 22.
  • Disabled Widow or Widower (DWB): For persons over the age of 50 whose spouse is deceased, this type of benefit is available. If they’ve developed their disability within 7 years of their spouse’s death and were married for at least 10 years, they’re eligible.

Benefits for Children

The Social Security Department has not left out children when it comes to extending their benefits. A child may be eligible for benefits if a parent dies. This serves to assist a child after the loss of a providing parent and comes with a few requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 18-19 and full time students
  • Younger than 18
  • Age 18 or older, but have serious disabilities that displayed before they were 22

Our Jacksonville Social Security Disability attorneys work diligently to alleviate the perils of a child who’s lost a parent and needs the financial buffer that Social Security benefits can provide.

Disabled children also qualify for benefits regardless of their parent’s abilities to provide. These children must have limited income and resources and be unable to provide for themselves financially. Our office can help to determine if a child meets the requirements for these benefits.

Long Term Disability Benefits

These types of benefits help disabled employees who carry disability insurance policies through their employers or in their pension plans. These benefits compensate disabled employees for a part of the income they would have received if they were working.

Applying for this coverage is even more complicated than for Social Security benefits, through tests that determine an applicant’s eligibility and payout sums. Many times, applicants must also apply for Social Security benefits simultaneously. The rules to qualify for long-term disability are numerous and vary based on each situation.

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