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Jacksonville International Divorce LawyerDuring a divorce, a couple not only emotionally detaches from one another, but the very structure of their lives is divided. This often-complicated process is rendered even more intricate when there is an international component.  Whether you were married in another country or one spouse is living internationally, your divorce requires an in-depth knowledge of international legal issues and conflicts. You may have business interests or marital property that is based overseas. Rest assured that a Jacksonville international divorce attorney from The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. can get advantageous results in your international matter.

Comprehensive Understanding of International Law

Our firm is proud of the expertise we’ve demonstrated in our international cases. This experience includes knowledge of foreign laws and an ability to collaborate with foreign counsel, while fighting for your rights. Some of the issues we’re proficient in within international law are:

  • Child custody matters, including visitation concerns
  • An understanding of the Hague Convention, pertaining to child abduction cases
  • Jurisdiction dilemmas in an international setting, including which court to present your case and the nuances of that legal system
  • Dividing assets including international and domestic properties
  • Comprehension of the Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support
  • A spouse’s ability to move to another country and maintain custody of children
  • International prenuptial agreements

The First Steps to Take

Because a divorce with foreign components is more complex than a standard domestic divorce, you will want to hire an attorney as soon as possible. The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. will supportively walk you through the important first steps of your divorce. Some questions that we can answer during this initial phase include:

  • Does a spouse have the right to take a child to another country, when their custody terms lie in another jurisdiction?
  • If a spouse is living in a foreign country, should they return to their original place of residency before filing for divorce?
  • If a client wants to move to another country, what action should they take before such a move?
  • What will the effects be of an international move on a divorce arrangement?

The Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer that you can trust to understand and explain these answers to you can be found at The Law Office of A. Sam Jubran, P.A. Moving out of the country or staying in a country with the wrong jurisdiction, before these matters have been confronted, can create a slough of problems.  Please consult with your Jacksonville international divorce attorney before making any type of move.

The Process of Obtaining an International Divorce

The spouse that claims the divorce must live in the state of Florida for a minimum of six months to file the initial paperwork. If your spouse lives in another state, the specifics of your marriage and divorce will still be governed in an international jurisdiction. If you’ve lost contact with your spouse and are unsure where they are residing, our office is adept at publishing the divorce decree through social media or other public communication, to then obtain a divorce by default.

But before a divorce is finalized, the matter of alimony and child support must be discussed. Your Jacksonville international divorce attorney will explain the various scenarios found in different states and countries. For example, in some countries the idea of a “clean break” is encouraged, meaning any financial ties between spouses are dissolved and their assets are split, including paying alimony. Together we will decide the best scenario within the correct jurisdiction, and calculate a reasonable figure to present to counsel.

The disclosure of a spouse’s finances is handled differently, depending on the country where the divorce is being structured. We’ve had experience with many varied conditions. For example, in certain European countries, both spouses simply tell the judge what their finances entail, without a formal process. Sometimes a witness will be called in to verify the accuracy of the facts that are given. The judge splits the assets, ignoring that some of them may have been hidden by one of the parties involved.

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